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SoundOut launches new service to instantly match brands to top trending TikTok tracks

The service is complimented by a partnership with Loud Parade, the KPMG award-winning Gen-Z focused music creative and sonic branding agency

SoundOut, the leader in sonic branding and marketing testing, is now offering brands and agencies the ability to match any brand to trending music on TikTok.

The service indexes the top 100 trending TikTok tracks against over 200 brand attributes on a weekly basis and, via SoundOut’s OnBrand SaaS platform, enables brands to instantly define their brand and campaign priorities, and rank all 100 tracks in order of closeness of match.

The service is complimented by a new partnership with leading Gen-Z sonic branding agency Loud Parade, offering brands the ability to license, find similar tracks for commercial use or have their own bespoke compositions created for a more personalised and authentic appeal.

According to TikTok, ‘ads prominently featuring music are 80% more likely to see ad recall uplifts’ and ‘when brands feature songs that TikTokers like in their videos, 58% say they feel a stronger connection to the brand’.

With 85% of brands planning to increase spend on TikTok in 2023, the service, which is now live, enables agencies and brands to optimise their choice of music on a weekly basis, confident that it will always be both on trend and on brand.

Loud Parade, the award-winning music creative and sonic Gen-Z agency, has created iconic bespoke TikTok music for global brands such as Nike, YO! Sushi, JD Sports and Fenty, delivering over 8 billion views on TikTok. Loud Parade is using the SoundOut OnBrand platform to help clients identify, commission and test music that both captures the essence of their brand but also resonates with the hottest TikTok music trends.

Grace Hammond, SoundOut co-founder, said: “TikTok is now more popular than Google and brands and their agencies are scrambling to plug into the most potent marketing platform targeting Gen-Z consumers. TikTok reports that leveraging the power of sound is the most important ingredient for a successful ad and this new service enables brands and their agencies to make rapid, data driven music decisions in real time, guaranteed to optimise advertising effectiveness on TikTok. This new service coupled with the capabilities of Loud Parade means brands can have their own bespoke compositions on TikTok, leading to greater engagement whilst keeping to their brand personality.”

Rahmon Agbaje, Loud Parade co-founder, commented: “Music is the most powerful form of storytelling around - we recognise this and have been delivering high quality bespoke compositions at scale, helping brands speak more authentically to their audience. Combining this with the speed and capabilities of SoundOut’s platform is truly remarkable and delivers a level of creative certainty unobtainable elsewhere. Whilst many brands are hugely excited about the potential of TikTok, they are often unequipped to exploit it effectively. Partnering our offering with SoundOut makes perfect sense for Loud Parade, giving brands the certainty they need to confidently invest in new trends on the platform to stay relevant while always staying true to their brand.”

Loud Parade and SoundOut will also be releasing a regular newsletter, informed by SoundOut data, highlighting up to the minute music trends on TikTok with advice on how brands can best use TikTok to engage with Gen-Z. Pre-register for this newsletter here.


About SoundOut

SoundOut is the world leader in strategic sonic branding and audio marketing testing.

SoundOut works with many of the most iconic brands in the world (such as TikTok, Amazon, Toyota, DHL, Ford, Unilever and GSK) as well as all the major record labels and many leading radio groups. SoundOut specialises in helping organisations trigger the right emotional response from their customers by matching brand personality and attributes to music. As a result, SoundOut provides the data and insight needed by clients to increase the certainty of achieving a strong ROI from their audio branding and marketing investments.

Clients use SoundOut’s unrivalled

strategic sonic testing capabilities to identify the effectiveness potential of new sonic identities before they are launched and ensure that they resonate with the core brand personality.

SoundOut OnBrand, trained on over 500,000 music studies and leveraging the power of AI, now scales these capabilities to all use of music in brand marketing, enabling brands to index huge music catalogues and search them based on the personality, attributes or archetype of their brand.

About Loud Parade

Loud Parade is a leading sonic branding and cultural creative agency supporting brands targeting Gen-Z and millennials by creating iconic and bespoke music for their creative campaigns. They focus on creative, diverse, authentic and culturally impactful campaigns for brands. They have created iconic bespoke TikTok music for global brands such as Nike, YO! Sushi, JD Sports and Fenty, delivering over 8 billion views on TikTok.


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