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As the world leader in new music testing, we have been at the forefront of music testing with consumers for over 15 years...


...for all the major record companies, many leading radio groups and thousands of independent artists - to help them understand which new tracks will resonate most strongly with consumers. 

As a result we now have a comparative database of over 500,000 tracks that have been reviewed and rated by consumers. We continue to use our unique 3.5 million strong consumer panel and predictive analytics products to test over 1,000 tracks a month. This gives us both an unrivalled understanding of how consumers react to music and an incredible data set that trains our AI technologies.

In 2015 we extended our capabilities outside music by helping brands test and position new products and ensure that their branding, marketing and messaging was consistent with their desired brand personality and desired archetype(s).  This work with leading FMCG businesses continues to this day and has given us deep expertise in strategic branding. 

At the same time, we began to work with behavioural scientists like Professor Daniel Müllensiefen of Goldsmiths, University of London, a world leader in music psychology, to understand the neurological impact of music on branding and marketing both on an implicit and explicit basis (Daniel Kahneman's System 1/System 2).  This work continues to this day and has resulted in a number of breakthrough methodologies and products, rooted in music psychology research, that enable us to understand and measure the true effectiveness of music in B2C interactions.  

Today we are the undisputed world leaders in helping organisations match brand personality to music while also maximising effectiveness. We also help marketing teams find music from any source, music that not only triggers the right consumer response to a marketing campaign, but also stays true to the brand identity and supports the brand DNA.

There is no longer any doubt that using the right music in branding and marketing can have a material impact on effectiveness.  As a result, we are now seeing a rapid increase in strategic investment by brands in the music space.

If you want to accelerate the certainty and speed of a return on a sonic branding or marketing investment, contact us today.


Grace Hammond, Co-founder

“We enable our clients to transform the value of brand relationships by harnessing emotional power of music.”

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