The world's most advanced consumer research panel for implicit and explicit testing of strategic audio and visual assets against appeal, recall, archetypes and emotional resonance with brand attributes

We have created, and continue to develop, the world's most advanced consumer research panel platform for sound and visual testing.


It’s a fully automated consumer panel of over 3.5 million people. And it’s growing at over 25,000 consumers every month. Our key geographic markets are the US, UK and Germany but we have unlimited access to a further 80 million consumers in any country in the world.

The panel is accessible via a simple API integration, through our rich SaaS platform or, for specialised projects, through our consultancy services.


The quality, rigour and speed of the panel underpins the sonic branding testing services in our SoundScape solutions suite.

Patented technology gathers actionable insight that you can base business decisions on

We collect fully normalized, weighted and amalgamated consumer insight on new products and media at a speed, scale, accuracy, automation and cost unavailable anywhere else. We combine this with advanced machine learning to create algorithms to map predictions to your business, to drive material and measurable improvements to your bottom line.

​Our patented consumer testing panel technology is second to none. We track the activity of every panellist and our proprietary algorithms normalise their ratings and weight their opinions based on the asset they are evaluating.

Quality control of the consumer responses is an area we excel at.  Advanced machine learning and algorithms, trained on millions of human checked reviews, automatically combine over 40 separate variables to determine genuine from questionable review submissions.  Those on the borderline are checked by humans and their decisions further hone the accuracy of the algorithms over time. This is a radically different and more robust approach than any other consumer panel operating today.

Absolute numbers are rarely insightful for brands unless put into context.  Which is why we always deliver results against robust benchmarked scales anchored to actual historic results in each category that are further enhanced by proprietary statistical methodologies. 


To carry out the best implicit and explicit testing of your sonic brand choices, contact us today.
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David Courtier-Dutton, CEO

“We have developed the world’s most advanced and trustworthy consumer feedback panel, moderated by unprecedented quality control systems and powered by proprietary machine learning technologies.” 

Extending our world lead in music testing

The trusted and automated nature of the consumer feedback we provide has encouraged a number of artist services businesses to use our panel platform for their testing services and music industry. This includes TuneCore's ‘Fan Review’ product, which reaches over one million independent artists worldwide – thus extending our undisputed status as the world leader in music testing.

If you want to automate your music testing, contact us today.

Predicting the success of new products

The unique strengths of our panel also make it perfect for organisations who operate outside the music and sonic branding sectors. That’s why a number of retail brands use our panel to identify if potential new product lines resonate well with consumers before they commit to manufacturing in quantity. 

As the world emerges from the pandemic, our panel will enable organisations to increase the certainty of success for their new product choices.

If you want to de-risk your new product decisions, contact us today.