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A truly strategic approach to branding

Soundout is the only company in the world that has mapped the emotional impact of music on consumers - both on a conscious and unconscious basis.  This deep knowledge enables us to offer a unique suite of technologies that support and optimise any music investment.


It all starts with the emotional DNA map of music.  Built by testing hundreds of sonic assets against over 200 brand attributes with over 500,000 consumers, we mapped the 40,000+ correlations between every attribute within the context of music.  We then used advanced data science to create a multidimensional map enabling us to navigate and measure the emotion of music with unprecedented precision. 

SoundOut Attribute Map
From this huge consumer derived dataset we have developed a range of unique capabilities:

Brandmatch measures the personality match of any logo, music or voice to the personality of the brand (as defined by the brand). 
BrandMatch is a sophisticated archetype framework - but rather than having 6 or 12 possible archetypes, BrandMatch has an unlimited number -  meaning your brand is always unique and personal to you. 

BrandMatch is based on over 30 years of academic research into the psychology of music and distils over 200 personality traits into 14 key attributes that between them capture over 95% of the overall personality of a brand or music composition.  These are then statistically grouped into 6 'components' that define the shape of the brand or music personality. 


To use BrandMatch, first the brand 'defines' the brand personality via a simple yet powerful online tool.  For sonic logo and voice testing, we then ask several hundred individuals in our panel to do the same, on the logo or voice without any brand association.  For music for marketing we use our OnBrand technology described below.

The resultant outputs are passed through a number of proprietary algorithms and the output reveals the closeness of personality match - and identifies if and why there is misalignment, either generally or by any desired demographic.  This confirms the strongest option to move ahead with and also identifies where there are opportunities for optimization before launch.

BrandMatch is also used to benchmark any music or voice to the actual consumer perception of the brand personality.  In that case it is consumers, rather than the brand itself, that defines the benchmark brand personality against which the music is measured.   

Smart brands use BrandMatch to ensure that their sonic assets are reinforcing their core personality, and are exploiting all the benefits that multi-sensory marketing can deliver. 

Attribute mapping and archetype analysis

This tool is used by many sonic branding agencies and brands to understand how any given set of 
attributes interrelate in music, it is also powered by our emotional DNA map of music. 

Any combination of attributes from over 200 available can be selected, and the tool:

  • Plots and reveals attribute conflict and redundancy helping agencies craft sonic branding and sonic marketing briefs with greater precision and certainty, ensuring the resultant brief can be successfully delivered within a musical context. 

  • Dynamically maps any given combination of attributes to a number of brand archetype frameworks revealing which archetype the resultant music composition will embody.  This is available for a range of archetyping frameworks including Jungian, NeedScope, Decode and Revel with mapping to alternative frameworks added as required. 

OnBrand Music search

The OnBrand Music Search platform is a revolutionary approach to music search.   Built entirely from a brand perspective, it enables brands to find the perfect track from any music catalogue based on their brand personality and any additional desired attributes.


Using advance artificial intelligence, OnBrand uniquely fuses the power of AI music tagging with SoundOut's emotional DNA map of music, meaning that huge catalogues can be processed in days and searched in seconds using SoundOut's proprietary technologies.


  • The indexation of any sized music catalogue(s) at no initial cost.

  • Music search by any brand and campaign attributes (from over 400)

  • A dynamic visual guide illustrating how any chosen set of attributes are interrelated in the context of music (embedding the archetype mapping technology above)

  • Archetype search and filtering - against any desired archetype framework (Jungian, NeedScope, Decode etc)

  • The ability for a brand to precisely define its personality with over 95% precision (using BrandMatch), and then use this as a benchmark to search the catalogue

  • Combined search functionality enabling a search using brand personality plus any chosen additional attributes and weighting the search (0-100%) between the two

  • Testing of any new track(s) via upload for benchmarking against any the desired brief

  • Multiple additional filters including appeal, genre, instruments, voice presence, BPM, key etc

  • Results  ranked by closeness of match to the overall search plus granular percentile scores for each search element

  • The certainty  that any music decision is aligned with the core brand and desired attributes and that the emotional impact on consumers is predictable and quantifiable. 


Emily Waters, Key Account Manager

"We help our clients unleash the power of sound to create sustainable and profitable brand relationships."

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