A truly strategic approach to branding

Our SoundScape solution suite offers a comprehensive set of tools and testing capabilities that empowers a brand or agency to adopt a truly strategic approach to their sonic identity, marketing and library management. Ensuring a perfect match with your brand and removing subjectivity from sonic selection.


Emily Waters, Key Account Manager

"We help our clients unleash the power of sound to create sustainable and profitable brand relationships."

The core components are as follows:

We will continue to add tools to our SoundScape solution suite to optimise the sonic strategy of brands and add value at key decision points in the sonic lifecycle. Our clients can be certain that our unique combination of data science and neuroscience will enable them to define, develop and deploy sonic brand assets that trigger the right physiological and emotional response from customers and consumers.


This will become increasingly important as organisations use sound at multiple touchpoints on the customer journey and progressively build a library of sonic brand assets.

Capitalising on the voice revolution

By the end of 2020 it was estimated that 50% of all web searches were voice activated and there were over 4 billion devices with voice technology. This will double to 8 billion in just three years. We also enable organisations to capitalise on the spoken word revolution by choosing a brand Voice that is true to the core brand and triggers the right emotional responses.

Going beyond sonic branding to sonic marketing

As the world experts in matching brand attributes to music, we also enable marketing teams to choose music that not only triggers the right consumer response to a campaign, but also stays true to the brand’s personality.


We use our SoundScape solutions to ensure the perfect music match for every marketing campaign. Our testing services will guarantee that the music you select has great appeal, strong recall and reinforces brand attributes. Perhaps more importantly, our implicit testing will identify if the track you select triggers the right emotional response to ensure a successful campaign.


To increase the certainty that your brand sounds and feels right to consumers, contact us today.

To increase the certainty that your brand sounds and feels right to consumers, contact us today.
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David Courtier-Dutton, CEO

"As more organisations recognise the implicit brand power of sound, we expect them to embrace the data-driven intelligence and rigour of the SoundScape method to drive a sustainable ROI from sonic brand investments."


Establishes where sound has a viable role to play in enhancing the performance of a brand

We benchmark where the Brand is currently positioned to highlight any issues and demonstrate the opportunity for sound.

Our Attribute Mapper tool enables an organisation and/or its agency to determine whether the sonic brief matches brand archetypes and if the brief is deliverable with sound. This de-risks the entire sonic branding project by ensuring it stays true to the core brand using the brand as the benchmark for success.


Removes subjectivity from sonic brand selection

We ensure that your sonic choices support the core brand personality – that there is a viable match with your brand – as defined by you.

Our unique BrandMatch tool provides a quantitative measurement of the closeness of match between the brand personality, and the creative solution (sonic logos/mnemonics, anthems, licenced music and voice (assistants and voiceovers).

Our guarantee: A fully tested brand match - for every sonic asset

Our unique 3.5 million strong consumer panel ensures that the best sonic option is selected and passes implicit and explicit testing for appeal, recall and emotional resonance with brand attributes.

In addition, many brands will have developed brand archetypes with tools like NeedScope, Decode and Revel. We also enable the dynamic mapping of an archetype’s attributes to music to identify which attributes can be supported.

It’s tested on consumers, so you know the results are ‘real world’ results

  • It’s tested with the target audience and not any audience. Only SoundOut’s panel can do that with the accuracy required to make a strategic brand decision of this nature

  • It’s tested against both subconscious and conscious reactions. Implicit testing for appeal, attributes and recall  is super important because it measures the subconscious (90%) impact of music.


Our consulting team and data scientists will help interpret the results and make recommendations so that the best next steps are taken.

Ensures the business retains control of its strategic sonic strategy 

Our SoundBank platform empowers the organisation to identify the perfect sonic asset for any given application (advertising, conferences etc).

This enables organisations to host a library of all their sonic assets (anthems, logos, licenced music and other compositions) and then search against that library using any combination of over 200 brand attributes - all delivered in an intuitive online interface.