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The OnBrand Music Search platform is a revolutionary approach to music search.   Built entirely from a brand perspective, it enables brands to find the perfect track from any music catalogue based on their brand personality and any additional desired attributes.


  • Revolutionary new AI music search technology for brands and agencies
  • OnBrand brings objectivity to your music strategy, optimising both effectiveness and ROI
  • Search vast music catalogues using brand personality, archetypes and attributes
  • Or test any new track for brand and campaign resonance

Using advance artificial intelligence, OnBrand uniquely fuses the power of AI music tagging with SoundOut’s emotional DNA map of music, meaning that huge catalogues can be processed in days and searched in seconds using SoundOut’s proprietary technologies.

Product demo:

OnBrand Demo
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Product Demo Video



  • The indexation of any sized music catalogue(s) at no initial cost.

  • Music search by any brand and campaign attributes (from over 400)

  • A dynamic visual guide illustrating how any chosen set of attributes are interrelated in the context of music (embedding the archetype mapping technology above)

  • Archetype search and filtering – against any desired archetype framework (Jungian, NeedScope, Decode etc)

  • The ability for a brand to precisely define its personality with over 95% precision (using BrandMatch), and then use this as a benchmark to search the catalogue

  • Combined search functionality enabling a search using brand personality plus any chosen additional attributes and weighting the search (0-100%) between the two

  • Testing of any new track(s) via upload for benchmarking against any the desired brief

  • Multiple additional filters including appeal, genre, instruments, voice presence, BPM, key etc

  • Results  ranked by closeness of match to the overall search plus granular percentile scores for each search element

  • The certainty  that any music decision is aligned with the core brand and desired attributes and that the emotional impact on consumers is predictable and quantifiable. 

To find out more about trialling OnBrand in your organisation, contact us today.
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