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SoundOut Attribute Mapper and
Sonic Library Management 

The SoundOut Attribute Mapper (“SAM”) is a new SaaS platform that enables dynamic mapping of any given brand attribute to any music.

We spent almost a year collecting over 5,000,000 inputs from 500,000+ consumers on 200 different attributes (such as trusted, authentic, cool, desirable, bold, disruptive, fun) benchmarked against of hundreds of music tracks.  By using advanced data science and machine learning it was then possible to measure the interrelated correlations between each and every attribute in the context of music. 


This has 3 core applications:

  • It reveals attribute conflict and redundancy helping agencies craft sonic branding and sonic marketing briefs with greater precision and certainty, ensuring the resultant brief can be successfully delivered within a musical context.

  • It dynamically maps any given combination of attributes to the brand archetype(s) the resultant music composition will embody.  This is available for a range of archetyping frameworks including MassiveMusic, Needscope, Decode and Revel with mapping to alternative frameworks available as required.

  • It enables the emotional search of any music library using any combination of attributes, automatically ranking musical assets in order of their ability to trigger the desired emotional responses.


SAM is now being used extensively by sonic branding agencies with some of the world’s largest brands to optimise briefs and align them with desired brand positioning.


If you want to know if your sonic brand choices match your brand DNA, contact us today.

Antoine Sachet, Head of Data Science

“In short, we map the emotional DNA of music. The resultant platform allows any combination of brand attributes to be selected, and instantaneously maps the emotional relationships between each selected attribute.”

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