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Our product suite encompasses all aspects of a brand's music strategy, from validating the core sonic brand to the wider application of music in marketing and the objective identification of appropriate music from any catalogue that fits your brand.  

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Testing for brand fit

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What does your music brief sound like?


Search tool for brands and catalogue owners


Sonic branding

Your sonic brand, or sonic DNA, will live with you for many years and be supported by significant marketing spend.  Optimizing your new sonic brand pre-launch through objective testing will deliver a payback many times over by ensuring increased marketing effectiveness going forward.   


Our sonic branding testing services are regarded as the gold standard worldwide.  We work alongside multiple leading media and sonic branding agencies as well as directly with brands to test new and existing brand logos and anthems - measuring and benchmarking brand match, attributes, appeal, recall, propensity to buy and various other key metrics.  We test both explicitly (conscious response) and implicitly (subconscious response). Our proprietary methodologies are rooted in proven neurological science underpinned by a deep knowledge of strategic branding.

Sonic marketing

Finding music to accompany marketing content has often been a last minute addition to a campaign with expected effectiveness measured solely on subjective judgement.


However, the soundtrack to your commercial, social media activities or brand environment will have a major impact on the ultimate effectiveness of a campaign.  While the soundtrack must support the storytelling and mood of the production, it should also be on brand to ensure brand consistency, authenticity and trust.  We enable you to rapidly test alternative sonic options, enabling you to confidently move ahead with a sound investment that will maximise the effectiveness of any campaign while also ensuring brand consistency. 


OnBrand music search

OnBrand music search places your brand at the centre of any search for campaign music, negating the need for any prior expertise in music or sound to find the perfect track.  If you know your brand, OnBrand will find you the perfect track.

Until recently, finding the correct soundtrack for a marketing execution was a highly subjective process, starting with a brief, moving to a synchronisation agent and ending with a number of competing sonic options devoid of any objective data - except a price tag. 

All that has changed.  SoundOut has created a unique catalogue search technology that enables any sized music catalogue to be indexed and searched using your brand defined personality profile, brand archetypes and over 400 different interconnected brand attributes.  Named OnBrand, it delivers an unprecedented search experience for marketeers and is now being adopted by brands, sonic branding agencies and catalogue owners around the world. 

Key benefits:

  • It ensures music for commercial use is always aligned with core brand personality

  • It enables brands and agencies to rapidly find music using their brand personality plus any additional emotional attributes

  • Fast: any number of tracks (100,000+) can be indexed/added in 48 hours

If you want your sonic brand to lead the way, contact us today
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