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Image by Daniel Schludi

Nothing's Gonna Stop Morrisons beating John Lewis and M&S in the Christmas advert race to the top

The most anticipated annual race to the top has happened for 2023’s Christmas ads.  UK Market leaders John Lewis and M&S have not done enough to beat this year’s underdog winner, Morrisons.  The retailer has secured SoundOut’s 1st place prize with the most accurately matched advert to their brand personality with their festive singing oven glove campaign, featuring Starships’ hit – ‘Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now’. Click here to watch the joy unfold!

SoundOut, the leader in sonic branding testing, tested 2023’s key Christmas ad campaigns and analysed how well they matched the parent brand personality, as defined by thousands of consumers and using SoundOut's BrandMatch technology. Emotional impact across 200 emotional brand attributes was also measured as part of the analysis using this market leading methodology.

On the match to brand, Morrisons comes out on top, with an advert that holds a 94% emotional match to the Morrisons brand. The advert delivers on appeal, up there at 76%, and the key emotions delivered most strongly from this campaign include  ‘fun’ and ‘nostalgic’, it’s no wonder it has been this year’s Christmas ad winner

Amazon, with their heart warming sledging escapade (that has been slated by many industry ‘experts’), has also knocked it out of the snow covered park with a third placed 81% match to brand and a 1st placed 83% for appeal. 

Here is the full table of tested retailers Christmas ads:

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