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SoundOut's library management tool

SoundBank is a powerful SaaS platform that enables any organization to benchmark, manage and dynamically search all approved corporate sonic assets to identify the perfect sonic asset for any given marketing execution.

It removes the need for expert or subjective curation of sonic assets by enabling corporate users or marketing agencies to enter any combination of over 200 brand attributes that they wish to deliver sonically and it then ranks the sonic options based on closeness of match to the desired attributes and/or brand archetype.   

SoundOut Sound Bank - Catalogue Ranked.p
  • Appeal

  • Recall

  • Dinstinctiveness

  • BrandMatch - Personality match to the coporate brand (as defined by the brand) 

  • Primary and secondary archetypes that each asset communicates

  • Precise ratings against each of over 200 atrributes

  • Propensity to buy (implicit)

Any meta data and additional tags can be added such as BPM, instruments etc. 


Once the catalogue is fully indexed it is then possible to prune the catalogue and remove assets that are not on brand, communicate the wrong archetyle(s), are unappealing etc. This ensures that every sonic asset in the library works to effectively build brand equity. 

If new tracks (original or licensed) are being considered for the catalogue at any time they can be uploaded and fully indexed by the SoundOut consumer panel in 24 hours to confirm suitability for inclusion or usage on a particular campaign. 

SoundBank Create Attribute Brief - Sonic

How it works


All corporate sonic assets are first exhaustively indexed

and benchmarked by SoundOut using out panel of over

3.5 million consumers. This generates a wealth of data

on each asset including: ​ 


To search the catalogue a user simply needs to select from a list of over 200 attributes (e.g. innovative, sincere, upbeat, triumphant), check the visual attribute DNA map that builds on-the fly to ensure none are conflicted and then view the results that are dynamically ranked by closeness of match.  Further filters enable fine tuning (e.g. applying weightings to each desired attribute, filtering by specific archetypes, filtering by logos/anthems/licensed music etc).

The result is a list of sonic assets ranked by closeness of match to any given brief – all without the need for any specialist musical knowledge or subjective thought – but delivered with the certainty that the marketing brief is being fulfilled by the best available sonic assets available to the organization.

SoundBank Expand for tags.png
SoundBank Tags and Filters.png
To find out more about trialling SoundBank in your organisation, contact us today.
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