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We predict the future

when you have no data.

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Crowd sourced wisdom

Access the wisdom of the crowd 24/7

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Go beyond trend and gut

Don't just think. Know.


The market leader in predicting hits for record labels, radio and independent artists.

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Identify best and worst sellers when ranging and predict actual demand at any given price point.

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Other Retail

Optimize ranging and merchandising, predict sales and dramatically reduce obsolete stock levels.

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Maximize sync impact with your target audience(s) while reinforcing your brand values.

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What we do

Our clients say we ‘predict’ the future, but we prefer ‘compute’...

We fuse the worlds of crowdsourcing and machine learning to reveal the interrelationships between appeal, perceived value and pricing. This enables us to predict sales, reduce waste and increase the profit margins for our clients.

We can help you decide what to stock, how much to buy and where to price – all on an item by item basis.

We test thousands of designs, samples and pre-release digital media with tens of thousands of consumers every week. We do all this via a self serve, cloud based enterprise platform at an unmatched accuracy, speed, scale and price.

Scared of data? The above comes with the support of our friendly team of data scientists and machine learning experts. All included in the price. Some partners will help you move the needle - we’ll change your game.


Who we’re working with