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Understand the subconscious impact of sound.

A white paper based on 650,000 consumer responses,

investigating the effects of music in advertising.

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Helping brands harness the power of sound

Leading brands like eBay, Amazon, Shell and DHL, and their sonic branding agencies, ask us to help them create powerful emotional connections with their consumers and business customers.

They do this because they recognise the critical importance of creating brand sounds that trigger the right emotional response.

They choose us because only we have quantitatively mapped the emotional impact of music on consumer emotions and behaviour.  


If you want to find out if your music is on brand, contact us today​.


Does your sonic brand match your brand DNA?

As the global experts, powered by our panel of over 3.5 million people, we can provide the answer.

We are the world leaders in helping organisations match brand personality and attributes to music, and marketing teams select music that not only triggers the right consumer response to a campaign, but also stays true to your brand identity.

SoundOut has created a proprietary solution for sonic testing that delivers deep consumer insights. That’s because we have indexed and mapped how music impacts human emotions via a ground-breaking data science project involving over 500,000 people, 200 emotions, hundreds of music tracks, over 5,000,000 data points and a university that leads the world in the psychology of music.


In the same way that DNA mapping identifies which gene or combination of genes are directly responsible for physical attributes or malfunctions, we’ve mapped the relationship between any music composition and the implicit response it triggers on over 200 human emotions.

The power of this unique datamap underpins our SoundScape solution suite. SoundScape makes your brand the benchmark and increases the certainty and speed of ROI from sonic brand assets.

Our unique panel of 3.5 million consumers helps remove any subjectivity and risk from your sound and music choices by testing both the implicit and explicit emotional impact on consumers.


If you want to know if your sonic brand choices match your brand DNA, contact us today.

The smart way to define, match, test and sustain world-class sonic brands

By mapping and indexing the impact music has on human emotions, we help brands, and their branding agencies, define, match, test and sustain world-class sonic brands. Our brand DNA analysis helps create sonic brands that trigger the right reactions from consumers and customers.

We do this by using the tools in our SoundScape solutions suite underpinned by our unique, 3.5 million strong consumer panel.

Imagine how our breakthrough tools could transform your sonic strategy, contact us to find out more. 

Establishes where sound has a viable role to play in enhancing the performance of a brand

We benchmark where the Brand is currently positioned to highlight any issues and demonstrate the opportunity for sound.

Our Attribute Mapper tool enables an organisation and/or its agency to determine whether the sonic brief matches brand archetypes and if the brief is deliverable with sound. This de-risks the entire sonic branding project by ensuring it stays true to the core brand using the brand as the benchmark for success.


Removes subjectivity from sonic brand selection

We ensure that your sonic choices support the core brand personality – that there is a viable match with your brand – as defined by you.

Our unique BrandMatch tool provides a quantitative measurement of the closeness of match between the brand personality, and the creative solution (sonic logos/mnemonics, anthems, licenced music and voice (assistants and voiceovers).

Our guarantee: A fully tested brand match - for every sonic asset

Our unique 3.5 million strong consumer panel ensures that the best sonic option is selected and passes implicit and explicit testing for appeal, recall and emotional resonance with brand attributes.

Ensures the business retains control of its strategic sonic strategy 

Our SoundBank platform empowers the organisation to identify the perfect sonic asset for any given application (advertising, conferences etc).

This enables organisations to host a library of all their sonic assets (anthems, logos, licenced music and other compositions) and then search against that library using any combination of over 200 brand attributes - all delivered in an intuitive online interface. 


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Don't miss out on the voice revolution

By the end of 2020 it was estimated that 50% of all web searches were voice activated and there were over four billion devices with voice technology. This trend will double to eight billion in just three years.


We enable organisations to capitalise on the voice revolution by  undergoing brand DNA analysis and choosing a brand Voice that is true to the core brand and that triggers the right emotional responses.

To help find the right voice for your brand, contact us today.

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What our clients are saying

B2C and B2B brand leaders from almost every market sector, and their sonic branding agencies, have used our SoundScape solutions to ensure sonic logos, sonic anthems, licenced tracks and artist collaborations all have an excellent brand match.

"The SoundOut approach and technology are truly groundbreaking and add significant value to strategic branding and marketing projects."

"They have always been very professional, got a great solution, always deliver on time and lovely culture"

"Great work for AccuWeather, Rabobank, and other clients. Also the insights are easily translated to creative revisements."

Sascha, DLMDD

Charlotte, Columbus Consulting

Marijn, Massive Music

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