Voice of the Customer 2.0

Fusing crowdsourcing and machine learning to optimize and predict demand for new products 

Run your business with foresight...

You rely on your historic operational data to run your business and stay competitive.  But so does everyone else.   You need an edge, something that will enable you to break from the pack and supercharge your business performance.​

Welcome to a new kind of data: Consumer Data.  This is not simply more data, it is different data, data that embeds the consumer deep into your workflow in real time, enabling you to run your business with foresight, knowing what your customer wants, in what volume, before committing to buy. 

​We source this Consumer Data on demand direct from our fast growing panel of over 2.5 million consumers via a fully automated process at a speed, scale, precision and cost unavailable elsewhere. 


Consumer Data

By combining consumer data on thousands of products with your operational data and advanced machine learning we build dynamic algorithms to predict demand for any product or service before you commit investment - delivering up to 10% improvement in your gross, and therefore net, margin.​

This is not a static process, it operates as a fully automated feedback loop in your business that delivers continuous performance enhancement.​

All this is delivered through our highly intuitive and configurable SaaS platform available on unlimited desktops via a browser or via swift API integration.

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