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We predict the future

when you have no data.

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Crowd sourced wisdom

Access the wisdom of the crowd 24/7

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Go beyond trend and gut

Don't just think. Know.


The market leader in predicting hits for record labels, radio and independent artists.

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Test any video content to understand second by second engagement, demographic resonance and much more...

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Optimize ranging and merchandising, predict sales and dramatically reduce obsolete stock levels.

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Maximize sync impact with your target audience(s) while reinforcing your brand values.

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Reviews submitted


Words written

What we do

Research for the digital age: Automated, Accelerated, Accurate and Affordable

  • Upload and test on-demand any type of digital media (video, audio, messaging, imagery) across any consumer demographic
  • 2,000,000 strong double opt-in review panel situated in 25+ countries provides detailed feedback and ratings
  • Test and validate creative, brand positioning, messaging, packaging, concepts and product prototypes, and identify target segments for any digital campaign
  • Use BrandMatch to test any digital asset for closeness of match to emotional brand values


  • Results fully normalised, benchmarked and automatically delivered in as little as 12 hours - with proven repeatable accuracy
  • Projects can be built on-the-fly to directly compare or benchmark results from any number of items tested at any time
  • Highly intuitive interface requires little or no training and interactive reports and raw data can be shared, downloaded or exported via web links, PDF or via an API

See example outputs here: SoundOut commercial test and SoundOut music video test


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