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Good vibrations…

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Our post about the fabulous Lu Scott started with that timeless lyric from Hotel California, ‘you can check out any time you like... ’because it seemed to sum up how our culture creates returners. So, after talking to the amazingly talented Sandra Villamizar, we thought we’d continue the Californian theme with a nod to the Beach Boys.

When we asked Sandra why she joined SoundOut she said: “It was all about the good vibrations I got when I met the team. My career was going really well, and I suppose I felt I had the luxury of choice about where to go next. This made me really think about what matters to me, and when I met David and Grace, I knew I believed what they believe.

Sandra Villamizar - SoundOut
Sandra Villamizar - SoundOut

"I love the environment at SoundOut because it is totally different to anywhere I have worked before. People talk about being able to bring your best self to work. And that sums up what SoundOut achieves. They focus on the person and the work. It’s an amazingly dynamic mix.

As project management lead, I embody that mix in my job. I ensure that our clients get testing results they can trust and that our reviewers have a great experience. This really matters to me and I’m so proud that we’ve developed such a powerful research platform. It’s helped us become the world leader in music and audio branding testing.

I’m particularly proud of the automated checks we create to ensure our results can be trusted. We check for similarity, for localisation, for relevance to the topic – anything to stop the cheating that is commonplace with other research panels. I love the fact that we keep pushing back the boundaries of what is known about music and its impact on the way people relate to brands. But what I love most is that even though I now work in Bogota and not Reading, I feel as close as ever to the team. The last year has been tough for everyone but less so for me. I was the first to work from home, now we all do it. We meet online socially all the time, and we soon forget the screen, we’re just connected. Perhaps the fact that we’re surrounded by music everyday makes a difference. Whatever it is, I know I’m still pickin’ up good vibrations!”

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