About us


SoundOut is the world's most advanced insight automation platform.  We enable you to instantly test a wide range of digital assets, music, movie trailers, commercials, concepts, brand value, pricing and much more.  With fully automated yet highly configurable results sets and on-the-fly dynamic project creation we operate at an unmatched speed, accuracy, cost and scale.

We do this by crowdsourcing millions of reviews and ratings from our proprietary 2.5 million strong consumer panel via our review site at www.slicethepie.com.  All reviews are normalised and weighted, meaning that everything we test can be benchmarked against all items previously tested.

We also have extensive experience in working with brands, media agencies and retailers helping them optimise campaigns, predict demand and target key demographics.  To date we have generated over 25 million reviews and tested over 500,000 items. 

Over the past 3 years we have significantly expanded our data science and machine learning capabilities enabling us to rapidly build predictive forecasting models for our clients. These forecasting models enable our clients to test items and accurately predict total demand based on any given factors.  

Working with us

The SoundOut platform is a cloud hosted (SaaS) solution and can be rapidly configured to service any size organisation in any vertical market.

The platform is accessed via a web browser and enables a user to upload items for testing and to select the demographics for testing (US or UK, male or female, each in 3 different age demographics).  With the click of a mouse the item is sent for testing on www.slicethepie.com with detailed results being returned within as little as 24 hours.

As well as in depth results analysis and semantic analysis of over 10,000 words of reviews for each item, the platform enables you to build side by side comparative projects at any time.

Use of the platform also gives you access to our team of data scientists who will help you calibrate your results and, when used across a category, use advanced machine learning technologies to build customised predictive forecasting models for your organisation.


Key team members

Team Members

Rob Sisco

President North America

Team Members

Grace Hammond

Head of Product

Team Members

Sandra Villamizar

Project Manager

Team Members

Jose Rodriguez

Head of Development