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Updated: Jan 20, 2022

There is an increasing amount of talk about the negative impact of the pandemic on company cultures. So we are very excited about the way ours has got even stronger over the last year. This is the first post in a series to celebrate some of the things we love about working at SoundOut.

Received wisdom says employees who leave a company ‘should never go back’. We think that was created by leaders who felt slighted by people who want to grow and develop a broader experience. We want people to be curious and expand their horizons. Because we love it when they come back knowing more but also knowing what’s special about the SoundOut culture. That’s why we couldn’t be happier that Lu Scott has recently re-joined SoundOut.

Lu Scott - SoundOut
Lu Scott - SoundOut

When we asked Lu what made her want to come back, this is what she said:

I was extremely fortunate to have SoundOut as my learning ground, being my first professional job at the age of 18. A decade later and I am back, helping out on a number of projects and providing customer support to our continuously growing worldwide panel of reviewers.

I refer to my colleagues as my 'SoundOut family' which I think tells you all you need to know about the people. You are immediately welcomed into the team. Everyone is actively encouraged to participate in all areas of the business and therefore learn all the time. Curiosity is actively encouraged. There are no question too small and, because I’m surrounded by experts in their respective fields, my business acumen is always improving.

It’s a brilliant time to come back. In the last two weeks alone we’ve extended our world leadership in sonic branding testing with two amazing announcements. The first is a project to create a world first – a map of the subconscious emotional impact of music The project will also create a commercial tool that will accurately predict the implicit impact any new piece of music will have with commercial branding.

The second – another world first – is the launch by MassiveMusic of a revolutionary new sonic branding tool that combines art and science and predicts success in recall, distinctiveness and connection to brand personality. There is always so much going on with new and exciting projects and the whole team is always kept in the loop via transparency from the top, down. So, whomever said ‘never go back’ obviously never worked at SoundOut.


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