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Come up and see me, make me smile

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

The Cockney Rebel classic starts with the line... ‘You’ve done it all, you’ve broken every code’… which connects nicely with the role of Jose Rodriguez our Head of Development. Amongst other things, Jose ensures we have no broken code at SoundOut. In fact, Jose joined us in 2015 to help us transform the performance of our research panel platform. It’s thanks to Jose, and his complete redesign of what we had when he arrived, that we have the world-leading panel of today. It’s a tribute to the excellence of his work that we were able to migrate millions of users to the new panel database and deliver an immediate improvement in performance.

Jose Rodriguez - SoundOut
Jose Rodriguez - SoundOut

In continuous search of excellence

It’s also because Jose is always searching for excellence that our panel is capable of growing organically every month and sustains a brilliant user and client experience.

When we asked Jose why he joined SoundOut he said: “They had me at second zero. When I opened the door, everyone was so welcoming, there was music playing – it just felt like an ideal place to work.

David and Grace knew what they wanted to create but they gave me complete freedom to choose the development language and platform. This trust in talent is incredibly empowering, and it’s one of the main reasons why I’m still here and so excited about the future.

In fact, trust is a word that is a core pillar of the culture at SoundOut. My colleague Sandra works in Colombia, I am based in Cyprus and others in the UK. And yet we all operate like a close-knit team. We do that because we built trust in each other and operate like a family. I think that is one of the reasons why SoundOut has achieved such remarkable things during the year of Covid.

I believe another reason why we have seen such strong growth is because of our platform design. I’ve made it very easy to integrate with other platforms. This has encouraged a number of artist services businesses like TuneCore's ‘Fan Review’ (which reaches over one million independent artists worldwide) to use our panel platform for their testing services.”

Make me smile

We asked Jose what he’d look for in a perfect recruit. “I’d want them to believe what we all believe, that if you want to lead the world you need to achieve excellence in everything. I’d want them to believe in the power of trust. I’d want them to have the energy to make things happen, in the way our whole team does every day. And I’d want them to make me smile, because a happy team will always outperform one that is not.”

So, we’ll finish this post in the way Steve Harley finished his song… Come up and see me, make me smile!

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