Voice of the customer is the term used to describe the in-depth process of capturing customer's expectations, preferences and aversions in order to optimize new products and the customer experience.

It’s a simple and powerful concept, but to seamlessly embed this in the workflow of your organization can be both disruptive and expensive, rapidly shaving away the financial benefits that a VoC implementation can deliver.   This is due to consultancy heavy approaches and the high cost of sourcing and processing truly and standardized customer feedback at scale.

With VoC 1.0, the sums rarely add up for all but the largest companies. Particularly as the digitization of the supply chain gathers pace.

VoC 2.0

SoundOut delivers a SaaS based, hugely scalable and automated VoC 2.0 solution with a richness of consumer powered outputs unparalleled in the market.  A solution that has been designed from the ground up to integrate seamlessly with your existing retail processes and PLM platform.  

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