SoundOut offers advanced video testing capabilities - testing long or short form video across 20 territories.  By measuring second by second engagement, clients can identify which frames of content are resonating with each target demographic.

With social media and advertising increasingly dominated by video, impact, engagement and brand match have never been more important.  With a turnaround of under 24 hours, SoundOut is an invaluable tool to ensure your content and messaging is as compelling as your targeting.

SoundOut video testing can be used in multiple applications:

  • Finetune rough cut content to identify the key elements that have greatest impact with your target demographic(s)
  • Identify which edits work best on each social network
  • Benchmark trailers against the competition, the market generally or each other
  • Use the 20,000 words of consumer reviews that accompany each trailer to identify the most powerfull and appropriate keywords for tagging
  • Use follow up questions to help identify the best comp shows or micro segementation
  • Combine with SoundOut BrandMatch to ensure the emotional impact is perfectly aligned with your brand identity