Transforming the intensity of brand relationships by harnessing the subconscious emotional impact of sound

The world-leading brands that we work with recognise that:

  • Their brand must sound right and be certain that their sonic branding supports and reinforces the core brand personality and archetypes they have worked so hard to create.

  • The music and voice they select to represent their brand triggers the right emotional response from consumers/customers so that the relationship strengthens and deepens over time. 

To deliver these two essential outcomes, we have developed our SoundScape suite of solutions. This is designed to help brand owners, and their branding agencies, at every stage of the lifecycle of a sonic brand asset – from definition, through creation to maintenance and protection.


We’ve become the world leader in helping organisations match brand personality and attributes to music, because our whole approach, and the solutions to support it, are based on the following three key pillars:

Testing implicit and explicit reactions
Staying true to the brand
Keeping consumers at the core

As you will see in our more detailed description, all our work is centred on the core personality and attributes of the brand, and therefore establishes the brand as the benchmark for success.

For a sonic brand strategy and investments to pay-off, they have to resonate with consumers. We enable brands to test at every step in the lifecycle to remove the dangers of subjective decisions.

Because we know that about 90% of purchase decisions and association are carried out by the subconscious emotional (implicit) part of the brain, we always test for both implicit and explicit reactions to sonic assets.

Enabling brands to harness the emotional power of music

Audio branding and sonic branding strategy is becoming increasingly important for brands to cut through and build a deep emotional connection with consumers.  Indeed 60% of consumers believe that audio is more memorable than visuals.  Music has a unique and instantaneous ability to communicate complex emotion and character in a way that video rarely achieves.  Human relationships are primarily built on audio communication - and brand relationships are no different.


We recognise that for many brands this is their first exposure to the world of sonic branding, and we are always happy to explain, educate and be challenged every step of the way.  While you may start the process as a sonic novice, you will finish an expert.

Ensuring your sonic assets sound right for your brand

With the world rapidly adopting voice technologies, companies now realize that their audio identity is fast becoming a core brand asset.  It is therefore critical to ensure that any proposed audio brand is strongly communicating the correct brand personality/archetype to consumers as well as rapidly building affinity via strong recall.  SoundOut’s suite of uniquely powerful tools and technology brings the consumer deep into the audio branding process.  This ensures that any proposed audio brand is distinctive, memorable and, most importantly, resonates with and reinforces the core brand personality. 

Invaluable tools in the SoundScape solution suite

To increase the certainty and speed of developing sonic brand assets that stay true to the brand and trigger the right emotional response, brands and their branding agencies can use the following powerful tools:

  1. BrandMatch

  2. Attribute Mapper

  3. SoundOut's consumer panel

  4. SoundBank

To discover how we can help to enhance the performance of your sonic brand, contact SoundOut today.