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Iceland returns to plastic packaging after failed trial

Iceland has reintroduced plastic packaging on ts bananas after a failed trial, as managing director Richard Walker admits the grocer still has a “mountain to climb”.

The frozen food grocer had to return to plastic packaging – equating to 10 million plastic bags a year – after its paper bag replacement resulted in an unsuccessful trial.


‘Innovative, optimistic, modern’: Vodafone launches major brand refresh

It’s out with the old (Martin Freeman… we’ll miss you!) and in with the new. Vodafone is hoping to show a “confident and modern” brand as it launches a new campaign amid the rollout of both its 5G services and new rules that make it easier to switch mobile operator.


How sustainable is sustainable fashion?

Well, a “sustainable” prefix might be all retailers need.

“Sustainable” has become one of fashion’s favorite buzzwords as people inside the industry and out wake up to the startling scope of its environmental strain on the planet. But because there’s no certifying body to decide what’s “sustainable,” or even a clear definition of what the term means, brands can market their products as sustainable without having to back it up.


Extinction Rebellion breaks into fashion in Stella McCartney sustainability campaign

The environmentalist fashion designer Stella McCartney has chosen a slightly off-kilter cast to model her winter collection: the sedulous, green-fighting group, Extinction Rebellion.

As the daughter of the late activist Linda McCartney, since setting up her fashion house in 2001, McCartney has used her platform to continue the legacy her mother left behind, by committed herself to ethical and sustainable fashion practice.

To promote her sustainable winter collection and sell more clothes - McCartney has enlisted the help of the anti-consumption Extinction Rebellion, who took time away from protesting to model the collection.


US treasury secretary says Amazon “destroyed the retail industry across the United States”

The US treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin has blamed Amazon for the country’s declining retail sector, alleging that the company “destroyed the retail industry across the United States”.

Speaking to CNBC, Mnuchin hailed the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) announcement that it was to launch an antitrust inquiry into the practice of big tech firms including Amazon, and whether they were hindering competition.

“If you look at Amazon, although they’re certain benefits to it, they’ve destroyed the retail industry across the United States,” he said.


Tarantino takes Spotify

To help promote One Upon a Time in Hollywood, Columbia Pictures has teamed up with Spotify to take over the global platform’s popular TV & Movies hub.

The takeover will let fans engage with Tarantino’s vision and the music from the era that shapes the film’s narrative – the late 1960s.

From podcasts to playlists it’s a truly Tarantino transformation.


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