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A roundup of the industry news you might have missed that got SoundOut HQ talking

The dress that conquered Britain

Every year, seemingly out of nowhere, certain items will reach cult status. We’ve had a leopard print midi skirt, a blue sundress ad a pink coat rise through the ranks. This year, it’s a polka dot dress from Zara. Coverage of this summer’s omnipresent IT dress has reached overseas. The New York Times report on the Zara dress that has transformed British women into a sea of polka dots.


The Fashion Industry is getting more intelligent

AI technologies are transforming the fashion industry in every element of its value chain such as designing, manufacturing, logistics, marketing and sales.

From simple range rationalization to granular demand prediction for new products at any proposed RRP/MRP, SoundOut has always been at the forefront of this transformation.


Marks and Spencer poach Topshop fashion director to attract younger market

The news of her appointment follows the departure of M&S’s clothing and home managing director Jill McDonald, who left after less than two years at the business.



Are Americans ready to shop with their voice?

Based on the increased adoption of the devices, eMarketer has raised its forecast for shopping activity on smart speakers.

The research firm now predicts 31 million U.S. consumers will shop via a smart speaker such as Google Home and Amazon Echo this year, up 31.6 percent from 2018. “Shopping” includes browsing, researching products and adding things to a shopping cart. By 2021, that figure is projected to climb to 38 million when more than four in 10 U.S. smart speakers are expected to be used for their shopping capabilities.


Emmy ad nominees announced

The Emmy nominees were announced today (16 July), and with a line-up heavily focused on issues of environmental and social justice, the competing brands are all worthy of a place on the podium. From Nike's much buzzed about 'Dream Crazy' featuring Colin Kaepernick to Apple's 'Shot on iPhone' featuring the power of 'Mother Earth' and a heavy Sandy Hook Promise spot, the ads all carry considerable weight.


Amazon Prime Day 2019 breaks new records taking in more than Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined

Amazon’s longest ever Prime day has again broken new records, raking in sales totalling more than last year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday events combined.

Prime Day 2019, which was stretched over a full 48 hours this year, saw Prime members purchase 175 million items, up significantly from the 100 million items sold across 2018’s 36-hour sales event.


Is the copycat economy damaging mid-market retail?

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. It might also be the most damaging

Of all industries, fashion is the one continually re-working and re-inventing items of clothing. However, it's no secret that various fast fashion retailers thrive on copying luxury catwalk designs. So how exactly is this damaging mid-market to luxury retailers?


Zara clothes to be made from 100% sustainable fabrics by 2025

Zara joins a long line of retailers committing to sustainability. Owner says its brands including Massimo Dutti and Pull&Bear will all follow suit


How social media transformed fashion in the 2010s

In 2010s currency, nothing is more valuable than clout. Getting it, using it, and keeping it has become a high-stakes game that has reshaped the way we conceptualize fashion. Success is no longer judged only by design merit, innovation, or sales figures but also on social media impressions, fan engagement, and the Lyst Index, which tracks the labels that appeal to millennials and Gen-Z consumers.


Adapt or Die: retail corporations are scrambling to integrate AI into their products

Traditional and new-school retailers alike are using AI and robotics to automate various parts of the retail chain, from manufacturing to last-mile delivery.


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