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Retail sales suffers “worst June on record”

Total sales decreased by 1.3% in June, compared to an increase of 2.3% in June 2018

Poor weather conditions led to the worst June on record for UK retail sales, as retailers struggled to compete with last year’s performance.

The figures prompted the BRC to describe the state of the UK high street as “bleak”, although it highlighted that retailers were helped by online sales, which rose four per cent in June for non-food products compared with the same month a year ago.

Last month was tricky for retailers, as they were competing with a strong June last year that was boosted by a heatwave and the men’s World Cup finals in Russia.


The Most Important Metric in Retail

In a world where consumption is increasingly moving online, how should the performance of physical retail stores be measured? Business of Fashion argues that, "judging a store’s performance simply by regarding its most recent sales results is like evaluating a patient’s health by asking what they had for breakfast that day."

The best metric is now a store's media value because stores are "the most manageable, tangible and measurable media channel available to a brand."


Huawei taps BBC Worldwide for redemption campaign

Huawei will launch an extensive marketing campaign later this year that’s been created by BBC StoryWorks, the branded content agency for the broadcaster’s commercial arm.

This campaign will look to “tell the history” of a Chinese company under intense scrutiny from politicians and business leaders with work set to run across BBC Worldwide platforms.


Asos launch virtual catwalk

Asos' Virtual Catwalk takes the already popular product video feature to the next level by allowing shoppers to see products in real life settings and their own surroundings.

The augmented reality feature can be found on the Asos app. It also allows customers to view what products would look like on different size models, so that they can get an idea of how an item might fit their body shape.


Gaga does a RiRi

Lady Gaga announced the launch of her debut beauty line: Haus Laboratories, to be launched exclusively on Amazon.


Nike scores big with World Cup winner’s jersey

The U.S. Women’s National Team home jersey is now the highest selling soccer jersey, men’s or women’s, that the retailer has ever sold online within one season.


How wearable smart tech and data collection will impact retail

How much data is too much and at what point does data collection cross the line?

As companies develop smart fabrics and other wearable technologies, consumers are simultaneously awakening to the adverse outcomes of too much data collection. Specifically, biometric data, which gathers information based on a person's physical traits and identity.


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