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A round-up of the industry news you might have missed that got SoundOut HQ talking

The Elephant in the Changing Room

In his second guest post for WhichPLM, SoundOut CEO David Courtier-Dutton discusses the rise of online-only retailers, and how they are hindering traditional bricks and mortar businesses. Using Zara’s successful business model, he explores how a modern day fashion retailer can get the edge using PLM.


Google and Apple found crying in the corner. Amazon has officially named the world's most valuable brand for 2019.

Amazon has shaken Apple to the very core, toppling them from the top spot in this year’s Brandz100 report thanks to a 52% year-on-year increase in brand value to reach $315.5bn.


Audi, Renault and Honda partner with Alibaba on AI and voice technology.

So now you can have a chat with your car. Long, lonely car journeys – be gone!

Cars will soon allow drivers to check on nearby restaurants or attractions, play Children’s books, check information or buy from Alibaba’s e-commerce sites, by using voice controls. The announcement also said that the technology would allow users to pair up the system with home controls so that people can control smart devices at home while traveling.


Gap commits to 100% sustainable cotton sourcing.

Gap brands are committed to sourcing 100% sustainable cotton within the next six years, the apparel group announced in a press release. The flagship Gap brand committed to 100% sustainable cotton by 2021, Old Navy by 2022 and Banana Republic by 2023.


Nike install its first plus-size mannequins at flagship London store.

In this weeks edition of 'I can't believe that this wasn't already a thing', Nike released size inclusive mannequins. So shoppers can see what clothes will look like on more than one body type. It's a no-brainer, but nonetheless this is a trailblazing move by Nike, who received widespread praise on social media.


DJ Khaled is reportedly suing Billboard over his 2nd place chart position

Is DJ Khaled just a sore loser? Or is Billboard's make-it-up-as-you-go chart qualification process in desperate need of an overhaul?

The dispute boils down to what Billboard will and will not allow to count as an album sale. Billboard disqualified DJ Khaled album downloads bundled with energy drinks, specifically on Shop.com. The bundle seemed like a great idea: album downloads carry far more weight than ‘equivalent streams,’ though Billboard apparently nixed the energy drink bundles because Shop.com parent Market America heavily promoted the deals.


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