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How Temporary Pop-Ups Became a Permanent Strategy

Once a way to temporarily fill vacant storefronts, landlords and brands alike see pop-ups as a long-term fixture in the retail landscape.


Imagine a World Without YouTube

A dystopian (or utopian) look at what the world might have looked like had YouTube failed to launch fifteen years ago this month. Would we have missed out on decades of cultural phenomena and innovative ideas? Would we have avoided a wave of dystopian propaganda and misinformation? Or would the internet have simply spiraled into new — yet strangely familiar — shapes, with their own joys and disasters? It’s not a stretch to say it shaped the internet as we know it.


Influencers are putting up paywalls. What does that mean for brands?

Influencers with big followings on Instagram and other platforms are starting to put up “paywalls” by charging fans for exclusive content.

Some charge a monthly fee to become a “Close Friend” on Instagram, while others are trialling WeChat’s new paywalls. In effect, content quality is becoming a focus.

While these payments add another revenue stream for influencers, analysts say brand partnerships will remain as a source of credibility.


As DTC brands move into wholesale, analytics platforms follow

Brands are struggling to measure the efficacy of their online marketing dollars as more platforms come into play and customer acquisition costs rise.

Analytics firms are taking note and providing attribution tools as direct-to-consumer and wholesale brands look to balance the distribution mix.

MikMak’s new analytics dashboard lets brands better attribute their marketing spend by letting customers choose where to shop.


Singapore-based dark kitchen uses AI to craft menu based on consumers' needs

Singapore-based food and beverage company Ebb & Flow Group has launched Wrap Bstrd, a dark kitchen driven by artificial intelligence and analytics.A dark kitchen is a relatively new concept and usually refers to a unit or container in an industrial area preparing food for delivery

Wrap Bstrd uses behavioural data capabilities and pattern analysis powered by AI solutions company Sqreem, with the combined expertise of the analysts, chefs, creatives and branding experts within Ebb & Flow Group’s Dark Kitchen Lab.

Tapping on over 200,000 individual data points to map behaviours and trends of distinct consumer groups in Singapore, Dark Kitchen Lab was able to analyse customer journeys, predict demand, and map behavioural intent to purchase. Dark Kitchen Lab studied flavours, ingredients, consumer preferences and trends and was able to pinpoint the meals that office workers in the central business district wanted.


How Brands Go Viral On TikTok

Becoming the subject of a viral challenge on the video platform can be like catching lightning in a bottle. But there are certain strategies that can help beauty brands strike it big on TikTok.


Amazon is primed to change the fashion industry with ‘Making the Cut’

When Amazon launched its foray into video streaming more than a decade ago and later released original shows starting in 2013, the goal was to offer programs that would drive traffic and sales to its site. Until now, however, the company has not used an original, global series to directly promote its products.


Kobe Bryant’s merch helped remake his image. After his death, collectors are cashing in.

People started making money off Kobe Bryant hours after he died in a helicopter crash. On the afternoon of January 26, the basketball legend was killed, along with his daughter Gianna and seven others, in a helicopter crash. When TMZ broke the news of Bryant’s death, friends and fans mourned the NBA legend. Almost immediately, the market for Kobe Bryant merchandise, from classic sneakers to homemade tees, skyrocketed.


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