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Smart speaker shopping falls short of projections

An eMarketer report found that smart speaker adoption is not nearly as high as once expected. The report predicts that 21.6 million people will have made a purchase using a smart speaker by the end of 2020, a projection that was lower than the firm's second quarter 2019 estimate of 23.6 million consumers.


What stumbles at Harry's and Brandless mean for e-commerce

This week, two promising direct-to-consumer brands suffered major setbacks.

Grooming company Harry's learned that Schick maker Edgewell is dropping its bid to take it over, in light of a challenge from the Federal Trade Commission on antitrust grounds. And online consumer goods company Brandless on Monday abruptly shut down, reportedly as major venture capital investor SoftBank pulled back on promised funding based on yet to be realized growth targets, according to The Protocol, which broke that news.


Big tech is infiltrating fashion week

The rising ubiquity of tech companies at fashion shows underscores a mutually beneficial relationship between the two industries as luxury customer behaviour changes.

During a fashion event, tech companies can show off products to B2B consumers, while fashion brands benefit from data and innovative toolsets.

Amazon and Alibaba are leveraging their data and platforms to deliver products consumers want at the speed they expect.


Activate This ‘Bracelet of Silence,’ and Alexa Can’t Eavesdrop

Microphones and cameras lurk everywhere. You may want to slip on some privacy armor. Microphones and cameras lurk everywhere. You may want to slip on some privacy armor. The bracelet will jam an Echo or any other microphone in the vicinity from listening in on the wearer's conversations. Credit... Petra Ford for The New York Times Last year, Ben Zhao decided to buy an Alexa-enabled Echo speaker for his Chicago home.


Monzo and MoneySavingExpert top ranking of most recommended brands

YouGov’s 2020 recommend rankings reveal the brands with the highest percentage of their own customers recommending them to friends or colleagues.


SoundOut Spotlight

RETAIL: Primark to open first ever pop-up store at Boxpark Shoreditch to launch its new Wellness collection.

BRAND: Twitter takes the tube: funny relatable tweets popped up on the underground poking fun at the tendency for Valentines day to be cloying and cringe.

SOUND: Spotify launches songwriter profiles, to help “fans, collaborators and industry partners dive deeper into some of the creators behind their favourite songs”

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