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Luxury retail and video games: The unlikely partnership set to explode this year

Luxury retail and the video games industry are set to become increasingly intertwined as high-end brands find new ways to “engage and excite millennials”.


These Were the Best Super Bowl 2020 Commercials

Super Bowl commercials have long been a cultural event in their own right, with some viewers tuning in to the big game purely to see what hilarious, heartwarming or straight-up bizarre ads brands have deemed worthy of making the cut.

This year, the average cost for a 30-second Super Bowl spot was a record-high $5.6 million, Forbes reports.


Will a resale shop deliver bigger sales for Nordstrom?

Secondhand clothing has found a home at Nordstrom. The department store retailer has launched a new resale concept — See You Tomorrow — online and at the Nordstrom flagship in New York City.

The resale shop, which is curated by Olivia Kim, vice president of creative projects at Nordstrom, features an assortment of apparel and accessories from brands that align with the retailer’s customer base.


Vegan fashion to come under new '100% animal-free' guidelines

New guidelines have been set out by the retail business to ensure that vegan fashions are really 100% free of animal products.

The guidelines come at a time of soaring demand for vegan fashion from retailers ranging from specialist independent labels to Marks & Spencer, Topshop and New Look. However, the fashion industry is trailing behind supermarkets, where one in five of all new products launched last year were vegan.


Pinterest launches AR virtual lipstick “try on” tech

Pinterest has become the latest online platform to launch an augmented reality (AR) virtual lipstick “try on” app.

Shoppers using the Pinterest mobile app can now open the open the camera in search and select “try on”, enabling them to see a virtual photo-quality image of themselves wearing a wide range of lipsticks from different brands.


Over half of shoppers would prioritise a sustainable retailer

Sustainability initiatives are becoming increasingly vital for retailers as a majority of shoppers say they would prioritise retailers who showed a consistent effort to be sustainable.

Over half of shoppers aged between 16 and 34 said they’d be more likely to shop with a retailer that has shown a consistent effort to be sustainable over one that hadn’t.


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