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Creepy Whitney Houston Hologram Tour Is Officially Happening

The long-planned Whitney Houston hologram tour is slated to get underway in 2020 with official date reveals. BASE Hologram will power the hologram tour. The company also powered the Roy Orbison and Buddy Holly hologram tours. Their partnership with the Whitney Houston estate will see an event with a hologram backed by a live band, dancers, and backup singers. Those will be real people, with Houston the only projected virtual image.


Eloquii utilises VoC with Refinery29 readers to creating a new product collection

Plus-size clothing brand Eloquii has a new 27-piece collection dropping online and in stores today, created in partnership with Refinery29 but inspired by data collected from 1,000-plus Refinery29 readers.

Just over a year ago, the two brands sent out an email survey to these readers (also plus-size shoppers) asking them what kinds of clothing they shop for, trends they love, voids they see in the plus-size market and so on.


‘Retail without technology is not going to work’: Ruti is using facial recognition technology in stores to boost sales

In a definitely, not at all creepy move, Ruti started deploying facial recognition technology into each of its nine stores last year. Now, when customers walk into one of the stores, a series of cameras scan and take photos of customer faces. Those photos are stored in the brand’s CRM, along with information about their shopping habits and style preferences. When the customer returns to the store, those same cameras are able to scan the customer’s face and identify them as a repeat customer, pulling up their shopping history and customer profile within seconds.


Australian ad watchdog dismisses 600 complaints about Bodyform 'Blood normal' ad

“The panel considered that the depiction of blood in the context of an advertisement for feminine hygiene products is not against prevailing community standards on health,” the Advertising Standards Board ruled.

Complaints ranged from bad taste to inappropriate to vilification and humiliation of women by publicising a private matter, to concern for children being too young to see blood running down a woman’s leg in the shower. But the board found the ad did not breach any standards in its code of ethics.


Facebook experiments with AI-powered styling program

Facebook researchers have developed Fashion++, a system that uses artificial intelligence to recommend how to make an outfit more stylish.

The technology could be used by digital assistants to provide personal styling or shopping advice.


Alibaba invests in AR virtual try-on startup Perfect Corp

Alibaba is set to invest in Taiwanese augmented reality startup Perfect Corp, aiming to bring its virtual try-on technology to its online platform.

Alibaba and Perfect Corp also announced a strategic partnership which will aim to integrate its AR powered beauty technology, enabling customers to virtually try on a range of accessories and makeup, to its Tmall and Taoboa marketplaces.


Amazon customers can now pay with cash

Amazon has announced the roll out of “Amazon PayCode”, allowing shoppers to purchase items online then pay using cash.

Amazon PayCode will give customers who choose the payment option a QR code at checkout and will then have 24 hours to visit one of 15,000 participating Western Union locations and pay for their items in cash.

“Amazon Cash”, also unveiled this week, will also let customers who prefer to use physical cash load funds onto their Amazon account to purchase items online at a later date.


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