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A round-up of the industry news you might have missed that got SoundOut HQ talking

Zalando Will Expand Delivery from Stores to Prevent Missed Sales

The online retailer estimates it misses out on 20 to 30 million transactions per year because items shoppers are searching for are unavailable. Zalando plans to boost delivery of goods direct from partner fashion stores, in a bid to capture more than 1 billion euros in sales that are missed annually when stock is not available in warehouses.

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M&S invests in clothes fitting technology to reduce returns.

You can now create a tiny digital version of yourself and have it try on clothes on your behalf. A huge timesaver and only a little bit creepy. The aim of the technology is to allow customers to find clothing that best suits their shape and size, thus reducing the chances of items being returned because they did not fit.

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Nike’s new app uses AR to measure your feet to sell you sneakers that fit

With this new feature, Nike says it can measure each foot individually – the size, shape and volume – with accuracy within 2 millimetres. Then, with all of this very precise foot data at their disposal, Nike can suggest the specific size of shoe for the style you’re after. It does this by matching your measurements to the internal volume already known for each of its shoes, and the purchase data of people with similar-sized feet.

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Report: 67% of retailers say omnichannel is a priority

Research also reveals that 46% of retailers said the practice of tracking clients' sizes, style preferences, wish lists, previous purchases and other shopping habit indicators, ranks in their top three preferred technologies. A sign that the centering the consumer in the workflow is now imperative for retailers and the future of business.

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Rolling Stone set to rival Billboard with new US charts

Iconic music magazine Rolling Stone is set to go head to head with American industry title Billboard by launching its own music charts for the US. The magazine plans to offer a number of charts, including direct rivals to the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart and the Billboard 200 albums countdown.

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Has Purpose Made Brands Forget How To Be Cool?

In 2019, purpose is the buzziest of buzzwords in the world of brand strategy. But with the saturation of purposeful brand behaviour, purpose as a brand strategy is in danger of becoming passé. Consumers seem increasingly skeptical of brands trying to do the right thing whilst also ultimately, trying to sell them something. But the pursuit of authentic purpose driven strategy isn’t a lost cause. As Fast Company concludes, purpose is only becoming passé because brands have been doing it wrong. Check out a case study in doing it wrong here.


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