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Donald Trump's approval ratings hit an historic new low just a year into the job

In light of Trump’s latest online diary entry, we used SoundOut BrandMatch to determine how the positioning of ‘brand Trump’ has altered in the last 4 weeks. Brand measurement technologies routinely used in the commercial sphere are equally applicable to politicians and political parties. Hence, BrandMatch’s unique ability to accurately measure the emotional brand values associated with any piece of media, is also effective when tracking the highs, and let’s face it, consistent lows, of brand Trump.

Despite a surprisingly gaffe-free and well-received trip to Asia, his approval ratings continued to plummet to impossibly new lows. On Saturday, North Korea denounced Trump’s Asia trip, again dubbing the President a “dotard”- a 14th century slur used to describe a senile, elderly person. In retaliation, Trump tweeted:

Prior to this, in the last 4 weeks, we’ve seen a wave of grass-roots Democratic victories in governor, state legislative, county and mayors’ races across the country. Trump’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, was indicted on 12 counts of conspiracy against the US, including money laundering. These are just the highlights.

So, a year after his election to office, Trump’s approval ratings have hit new lows; the lowest lows in fact. According to the Washington Post, at 37%, Trump’s approval rating is the lowest that any president has seen just a year into the job.

Mirroring this, our panel regards Trump in much lower esteem 4 weeks on from the first time we tested him using our BrandMatch tool. Across the board, America’s perception of Trump has taken a nosedive. Innovation isn’t the brand of leadership that he represents. Interestingly, his sex appeal has taken the biggest hit (from 1.5/10 to 0.95/10) - though the most curious question is how he had 39% to lose in the first place. Finally, relaxed and cheerful he is not. Indeed, if we take a closer look at the demographic breakdown, we can see that Trump’s general temperament is more Jong-Un than Obama.

For young American women, specifically, Trump is a bigger despot than ‘alleged’ war criminal and all-round bad egg Bashar al-Assad. Then, there’s Trump’s best frenemy, and also terrifying dictator, Kim Jong-un. It seems that the two are two sides of the same coin for millennial women. Flinging petty insults at one another across the internet is reminiscent of our favourite teen movies. Surely an immediate reference point for 16-24-year-old females.

Trump’s dire approval ratings and BrandMatch measure are indicative of a presidency built on 140 characters. Certainly not a solid foundation, by any stretch.

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