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The SoundOut Index 2023 – US Edition

Updated: May 2, 2023

The world's largest Brand Tracker reveals fastest growing sonic brands

  • Top 10 fastest growing sonic brands of 2023 led by Ricola, Taco Bell, Folgers, Playstation and Liberty Mutual

  • The best-known sonic logos in the US are Hot Pockets, Nationwide Vocal, Liberty Mutual, Arby’s and Red Robin

SoundOut, the leading sonic branding and testing agency, has revealed that the fastest-growing sonic logos over the last two years in the US were Ricola, Taco Bell, Folgers, Playstation and Liberty Mutual.

The findings have been revealed in The SoundOut Index 2023 - US Edition, the most comprehensive brand tracker of sonic branding in the United States ever conducted. It includes in depth analysis of 135 US brands and provides unparalleled data on the effectiveness of sonic branding and marketing through in-depth research and analysis with over 150,000 consumers.

The fastest-growing sonic brands

To measure the fastest growing sonic brands, the percentage of consumers who could, unprompted, attribute a sonic logo to a brand in 2023 was compared to 2021. The top ten of the fastest growing sonic brands is here:

Top 10 US brands - Attribution
SoundOut Index top 100 brand attribution

Other than Taco Bell, all of the top ten logos feature the brand name in the logo, which makes attribution significantly easier for consumers. Eight brands with already strong attribution have grown overall attribution by more than 20% in the US market, suggesting that they have consciously elevated the importance of their sonic brand through an effective marketing strategy.

The best-known sonic brands

The report also reveals the best-known sonic brands of 2023 and their change in ranking over the past 2 years. Regardless of when they were released, the best-known sonic logos in the US are Hot Pockets, Nationwide Vocal, Liberty Mutual, Arby’s and Red Robin.

The top ten most recognisable US sonic logos is here:

top 10 US brands - SoundOut Index
SoundOut index 2023

Compared to 2021, many more brands are breaking the 80% attribution benchmark. In 2021 only four brands achieved this – now 15 brands have attribution over 80%.

David Courtier-Dutton, CEO of SoundOut, said:

"In our 2021 report we benchmarked the rankings of over 100 leading US sonic logos. With this new report we are able to track how each of these, plus over 25 new sonic brands, have performed over the past two years. With our in-depth research and analysis, we aim to help brands understand the power of sound and its impact on consumer perception and behaviour, particularly among Gen Z. The SoundOut Index is an invaluable resource for brands looking to leverage the power of sound in their marketing strategies.

“It is clear that, over the past two years, many US brands have made a significant investment in promoting their sonic identities and have elevated their sonic logo to distinctive brand asset status. In doing so, many have now overtaken Netflix, one of the most iconic sonic logos in existence. On an industry basis, it is the insurance sector that has been most aggressive, with both

Nationwide and Liberty Mutual now in the top three of the best known sonic logos."

In addition to insights into the leading sonic logos, The SoundOut Index 2023 identifies the winners and losers in the world of sonic marketing, shedding light on the brands that have successfully paired brand appropriate soundtracks with their commercials, as well as those that may have missed the mark.

The report also explores why brands are not reaching Gen Z with their sonic branding and the growing importance of TikTok in this respect. In addition, it includes a guide to strategically building brands with music.

The SoundOut Index 2023 - US Edition is now available for free to download on SoundOut’s website here. The UK edition will be published shortly.

For more information about SoundOut and its services, please visit

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Brand campaign and soundtrack analysis
The SoundOut Index 2023


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