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Updated: Jun 8

The tsunami of mental health issues overwhelming Millennials is largely blamed on a loss of identity driven by confusion about what defines them as people – is it who they really are or what others think they are that defines them?  Celebrities and influencers are firmly in the latter camp and aggressively employ classic brand building tactics to enhance the financial value of their inane pronouncements, and right now it’s Love Island that is the unashamed poster child of this national obsession. 

Brand experts SoundOut and Revel have applied leading edge and rigorous brand personality technologies and consumer surveys to the final Love Island line up to determine both the compatibility of the contestants and winners of this year’s contest.  More usually employed to measure the personality of the nation’s favourite tea, deodorant or washing powder (and the relationship brands build with consumers), this may be a case of using a sledgehammer to crack a nut.  But its so much fun – why not? 1 hour a night, 6 nights a week, 8 weeks a year. Love Island has the nation enthralled, but perhaps the greatest love of all is the entire country’s obsession with the show itself. Keeping up with the couplings, de-couplings, re-couplings, re-re-couplings, declarations of #loyalty and so much more requires time and unwavering commitment. Last week, there were six couples remaining in the Love Island villa, competing to see who could fall in love most convincingly, and with mere hours until the final tonight, Love Island fever is sweeping the nation.  But why wait that long when we have the results for you already?

As their prize, each of the winners will receive a blue tick on Instagram, then a two-year flurry of Instagram and breakfast-telly fuelled fame. Oh… and there is also an actual £50,000 cash prize (peanuts compared to the amount they’ll be raking in for #spon teeth-whitening and Bootea content on Instagram). The winners will be the most popular, convincing, and well-matched couple in the villa. This is a Mr and Miss World competition, but, for all the thongs, tears and public sex, perceived authenticity and personality is all that counts (whatever the reality).  It’s the opinion of the viewers that will determine the result and, as the ‘love stories’ and ‘real connections’ unfold, viewers are constantly assessing each couple’s authenticity. 

"Strength of character is what makes a Love Island winner. Just as brands need a strong sense of character to thrive in the congested consumer market, so too do reality show contestants in a villa packed full of models."

This week, SoundOut ran a full brand analysis on each contestant using their panel of over 2.5 million consumers.  This is exactly the same archetype analysis as leading FMCG brands use to inform multimillion pound marketing campaigns and reveals a quantitative measurement of each Islander’s character, personality and compatibility, as perceived by the public.  

So, are the couples destined to be Matches made in a Mallorca based-heaven? Or were they doomed from the very start?  The results are in! First we’ll look at overall appeal/likability ratings, next the personality and overall compatibility of each of the couples and finally the poll of polls predicting the final result… 

Overall appeal/popularity: 

This is a based on a normalised and weighted rating given by consumers to each of the contestants – an approval rating if you like.  Amongst the females Dani nails it at 78% with Alexandra a distant second at 71% and poor Megan languishing on just 55%.

Looking at the boys – there is less differentiation, but Dani’s beau, Jack, is clear favourite at 69% with Alex the least popular at 58%.

Personality and Compatibility

Here we use brand archetype methodologies – powered entirely by UK consumers to measure the strength of personality of each islander and, crucially, their compatibility with their final partners… 

Josh and Kaz: Personality: Josh 37%, Kaz 16%

45% Compatible Josh briefly became Britain’s most hated man in pursuit of Kaz and if their compatibility score is anything to go by, then perhaps he made the wrong choice? Though they do say that opposites attract, so take this one with a pinch of salt. 

Paul and Original Laura: 

Personality: Paul 39%, Laura 23%

50% Compatible Not spectacular but hardly unsurprising, considering they’ve known each other for two weeks and the primary thing they have in common is not being 21.  

Wes and Megan: 

Personality: Wes 25%, Megan 37%

67% Compatible Megan’s pursuit of Wes was instantly iconic. Ballsy and terrifying, she poached him from fellow Islander Laura with nothing more than a chilling giggle, provocative bite of the finger and a glassy-eyed stare. Wes was putty in her hands. Their middling compatibility score checks out though. What do they talk about? Other than how much they like each other’s faces? I can’t recall much else. 

New Jack and New Laura: 

Personality: New Jack 24%, New Laura 49%

81% Compatible An impressive score between Devon-bred, surfer Laura and East London boy Jack. It hasn’t been long (at least 3 months in Love Island time, though just two weeks in real world time), but a strong bond was formed between these two. This compares to a dismal Compatibility Score of 38% between Jack and original Laura. Jumping ship clearly worked in Jack’s favour – but that was not enough to prevent their ejection last week.

Alex and Alexandra: 86% Match Score

Personality: Alex 28%, Alexandra 41%

86% Compatible The ultimate underdogs, considering they were one of the newest and unstable couples, with perhaps minus amounts of chemistry. Watching Alex fumble his way through every interaction he has with bona fide 11/10 Alexandra is torturous. According to the public, both are motivated by a very simple desire for happiness. But will they find it with each other? Spoiler alert: they absolutely will not. Not even an 86% compatibility score could keep these two together as they were rightfully booted from the island last night. 

Jack and Dani:

Personality: Jack 51%, Dani 51%

99% Compatible Jack and Dani are the nation’s fairy-tale. The score speaks for itself. Jack and Dani are 1% off a perfect match, hitting an unprecedented 99%. You couldn’t make it up.  They also have an identical 51% personality rating.  Jack and Dani will win Love Island. The nation thinks so. Our panel thinks so. And the data knows so.

And the winners are…

On every measure Jack and Dani have truly trounced the competition – individually in overall appeal and personality and together on compatibility.  The final conclusive evidence is from a SoundOut poll (below) conducted over the last 48 hours with UK female 16-24 year olds.

You heard it here first…

About SoundOut SoundOut is an automated crowdsourced prediction and validation SaaS platform capable of testing the resonance of any media type (imagery, concepts, video, audio) with any target demographic across more than 35 countries.  Powered by a proprietary fast growing consumer panel of over 2 million people, It is used by agencies and brands across the product lifecycle. From concept and creative testing, product development, ranging and marketing to on-the-fly programmatic content testing and targeting, the SoundOut platform offers 24 hour turnaround at an unmatched accuracy and cost. It also provides second by second interactive analysis of video edits together with deep qualitative and quantitative metrics, enabling swift optimization and targeting of original digital content pre-release. SoundOut BrandMatch is a complimentary product that provides an empirical measurement of the closeness of match between a brand’s actual or aspirational personality and any piece of media content (images, video, audio, celebrity, or even a competitor brand). It does this by automating over 30 years of academic research to create a simple yet powerful crowd powered service to ensure brand values and personality are constantly being reinforced by all brand messaging, regardless of content or medium. For more information about SoundOut please contact David Courtier-Dutton: 

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