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Like a rubber ball….

Updated: May 25, 2022

Continuing our focus on the special culture at SoundOut, we thought we’d introduce you to the lovely Emily. Like the Bobby Vee song from the 60’s, Emily just comes bouncin’ back to us. This is now her third stint at SoundOut, having joined straight from university and then leaving after about four years to have her little girl, Ella. Emily returned from maternity leave but soon decided she wanted a longer break to be with her daughter. “One of the many things I love about working at SoundOut is their flexibility which enables you to be your very best at work and at home. I’m sure plenty of companies would have reacted badly to my decision to delay my return, but not Grace and David. So now I’m back three days a week curating music testing to ensure our clients get the required insights.

Emily Waters - SoundOut
Emily Waters - SoundOut

Becoming a customer support agent in a music testing business may seem an odd choice for someone with a psychology degree. But when Emily came to check out a local job opportunity at SoundOut she said, “we just clicked”. Six and a half years later, Emily is now an account manager helping record labels test original music.

“There is such a broad spectrum to get involved with, from understanding what motivates people with buying decisions, to predicting which music tracks people will want to listen to again. It’s very exciting when you can provide clients with insights they didn’t know they needed to know!”

The power of optimism

We asked Emily why she keeps bouncin’ back to SoundOut. “SoundOut has a very positive culture. We are always encouraged to try something new – to learn every day. David leads with such optimism that I have applied that to my life outside work too. Lu described SoundOut like a family and she’s right. It doesn’t matter that Rob is in The States, Sandra in Bogota , Jose in Cyprus and me near Reading, there’s some kind of bond that makes us work brilliantly together.”

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