SoundOut has partnered with WGSN, the global market leader in trend forecasting for the fashion industry, to deliver a groundbreaking new product to WGSN's 5,000 fashion retail clients worldwide.

WGSN's new StyleTrial product, powered by SoundOut, gives designers and buyers the ability to understand and predict consumer reaction with precision and clarity. SoundOut's database of over 2,000,000 trusted consumer reviewers of all demographics, can review individual items or entire collections quickly and honestly. SoundOut gives retailers the ability to spot the bestsellers and also the power to identify potential problem items before they place their buy.

StyleTrial can test items in the US or UK markets across 12 distinct demographics.  Because StyleTrial is able to test individual products, or whole collections, in a matter of days, risk and uncertainty on high volume buys are dramatically reduced and ranging decisions can be made with the benefit of hard up to the minute data.

In addition to assisting with range selection, SoundOut is now combining its ability to accurately measure appeal and price expectation via crowdsourcing with advanced machine learning technologies, and can provide fashion retailers with reliable sales forecasts on new items at any proposed retail price.   The financial benefits for retailers are both dramatic and measurable.