Your brand is the benchmark

The world is full of benchmarks, but the most important is the one you define – what your brand stands for.  This is your core brand personality, and it must be distinctive, trusted, consistent and measurable.


We have the science (based on 30 years of academic research) that enables you to precisely define your brand personality.  We use this as a benchmark to evaluate the match to any proposed brand asset.  More about BrandMatch here.


This ensures consistency across all brand assets that work together to relentlessly build brand value.  Define this and you have a benchmark against which you can measure all brand assets, be they visual or sonic logos, packaging, voice, advertising etc.


Jeff Bezos once said: “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.”


Here at SoundOut we have a very big room, with over 3m consumers signed up to our platform chatting constantly about music, retail, packaging and you.


Provided on a SaaS basis, the process is robust, fast, cost effective and extremely powerful.  Delivering quantitative answers to qualitative questions.


If you want to build your brand value, we can help.

Some of our recent clients


Our capabilities

SoundOut works extensively with agencies, brands and programmatic platforms to predict appeal, impact, effectiveness and likelihood to buy.  SoundOut’s 3 million strong consumer base enables brands to test any number of creative concepts or executions in real time to ensure campaign creative is optimized before campaigns go live. 

SoundOut can test product or advertising concepts, packaging, copy, pop-ups, imagery or video.


SoundOut offers advanced video testing capabilities - testing long or short form video across 20 territories.  By measuring second by second engagement, clients can identify which frames of content are resonating with each target demographic.

With social media and advertising increasingly dominated by video, impact, engagement and brand match have never been more important.  With a turnaround of under 24 hours, SoundOut is an invaluable tool to ensure your content and messaging is as compelling as your targeting.

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