Music testing

SoundOut has been involved in new music testing and sonic branding for over a decade and remains the global market leader in this field.


SoundOut powers unique predictive analytics products across the music industry, testing over 1,000 tracks a month for all the major record labels and independent artists with hundreds of thousands of consumers. In addition SoundOut powers white label testing services for a number of artist services businesses including TuneCore's ‘Fan Review’ product reaching over 1 million independent artists worldwide.

Audio Branding 

Audio branding is becoming increasingly important for brands to cut through and build an instant emotional connection with consumers.  Indeed 60% of consumers believe that audio is more memorable than visuals.  Why do the majority of consumers build music playlists but rarely video playlists?  Because music has a unique and instantaneous ability to communicate complex emotion and character in a way that video rarely achieves.  Human relationships are primarily built on audio communication and brand relationships are no different.


An increasing number of companies realize that defining an audio brand is only the first part of the process.  It is also critical to ensure that the proposed audio brand is strongly communicating the correct brand emotions/archetype to consumers as well as rapidly building affinity via strong recall.  SoundOut has a suite of uniquely powerful tools and technology that brings the consumer deep into the audio branding process.  This ensures that any proposed audio brand is distinctive, memorable and, most importantly, resonates with and reinforces the core brand personality.  





SoundOut BrandMatch is a powerful new product enabling you to quantitatively benchmark your core emotional brand values against the actual consumer perception of your brand values at any point in time.



Brandmatch enables you to accurately measure the emotional brand values associated with any piece of media, be it a song, a video, a marketing message or imagery – and then demonstrate precisely how close a match it is to your brand.

For more information on BrandMatch click on the 'Brands' tab.

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