Audio Branding 

SoundOut is the world leader in consumer testing for audio branding.  With our proprietary BrandMatch methodology you define your brand personality and this becomes the central benchmark in every project we conduct against which we quantitatively measure each sonic logo and anthem.


We have extensive expertise in attribute testing, archetype testing and recall both on an explicit and implicit basis. In addition, we apply over 10 years experience as the world leader in music testing for labels and radio groups to deliver an unmatched depth and breadth of insight. 


SoundOut works closely with many of the world’s leading sonic branding agencies as well as directly with leading brands and is able to run projects in any country in the world.  


Audio branding is becoming increasingly important for brands to cut through and build an instant emotional connection with consumers.  Indeed 60% of consumers believe that audio is more memorable than visuals.  Music has a unique and instantaneous ability to communicate complex emotion and character in a way that video rarely achieves.  Human relationships are primarily built on audio communication - and brand relationships are no different.


With the world rapidly adopting voice technologies, companies now realize that their audio identity is fast becoming a core brand asset.  It is therefore critical to ensure that any proposed audio brand is strongly communicating the correct brand personality/archetype to consumers as well as rapidly building affinity via strong recall.  SoundOut’s suite of uniquely powerful tools and technology brings the consumer deep into the audio branding process.  This ensures that any proposed audio brand is distinctive, memorable and, most importantly, resonates with and reinforces the core brand personality.  


What we offer:


  • 100% powered by consumers, enhanced by advanced AI and proprietary statistical methodologies

  • 15 day turnaround

  • All inclusive pricing (testing, client meetings, statistical analysis, results recommendations etc)

  • Director led project management

  • Significant experience in working closely with a wide range of audio branding agencies

  • Deep expertise in working on sonic branding projects with many of the largest and best known brands in the world

  • For more sophisticated projects we collaborate closely with the Psychology department at Goldsmiths University of London - the world leading experts in Music, Mind and Brain research and sonic branding.


While we customise every project to the client brief, typical research elements are detailed in the table below.


Finally, we recognise that for many brands this is their first exposure to the world of sonic branding, and we are always happy to explain, educate and be challenged every step of the way.  While you may start the process as a sonic novice, you will finish an expert.


Some of our recent clients


Music testing

For many years SoundOut has been the undisputed world leader in new music testing and has a comparative database of over 500,000 tracks that have been reviewed and rated by consumers.


Working with the world’s largest record labels, radio stations and independent artists, SoundOut powers unique predictive analytics products across the music industry, testing over 1,000 tracks a month. In addition SoundOut powers white label testing services for a number of artist services businesses including TuneCore's ‘Fan Review’ product reaching over 1 million independent artists worldwide.

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